Scientific Molding Seminar at M.R. Mold

Process Optimization
Scientific Molding
At-the-Press Training & The Universal Setup Sheet
Instructor: John Bozzelli
April 12 - 14, 2011  Los Angeles, CA
Starts 8:30 AM April 12
Benefits for you and your shop: 
Obtain a basic understanding of silicone resins
Gain a mastery of the true processing variables.
Optimize the silicone thermoset molding process based on data, scientifically!
Set up your machine to accommodate most viscosity changes, i.e. lot changes, colors, etc.   
Of the multitude of parameters that can be monitored, learn the six most important
Learn how to detect bad parts before hours of wasted production!
Document the process so that it can be repeated!
Learn what Infrared Thermography can do for good/bad part determinations
Get your processors to agree on processing strategies, minimize the tweaking and shift variations

Abstract: The course provides scientific molding technology and strategies specific to molding silicone thermoset resins. We will cover data based process optimization with at-the-press training to set up and properly document the process for FDA validation.  Learn to think like the silicone.  The process will be documented with a "Universal" set-up sheet.  This seminar focus is on developing a production capable process that will replicate identical parts on any appropriate machine, electric or hydraulic.  We document the necessary variables to establish a "Production Process". The resulting setup sheet will work for a given mold on any appropriate press.

Where: M.R. Mold & Eng. Corp., 2700 E. Imperial  Hwy. Unit C, Brea, CA 92821, 714-996-5511.  Hotel:  To be arranged.  You are responsible for your own travel and hotel reservations.  Injection Molding Solutions will not be held responsible for cancelation fees.

Who should attend: Anyone interested in learning silicone molding or developing a process that can be validated to FDA standards and not tied to a single press/plant.  Designers, Processors, Project Engineers, Quality Control, Process Technicians, Validation Team, Machine Suppliers, Plant Owners and Production Management will benefit from this training.  Stop the bickering and frustration, get everyone on the same page for consistent processing for quality parts.  Enrollment is limited.