John Bozzelli hosts Scientific Molding Seminar at M.R. Mold & Engineering

John Bozzelli taught a LIM class on Scientific Molding at M.R Mold & Engineering April 12-14.  This informative class explained scientific Molding through the use of data to determine process parameters. 
After graphing the viscosity curve, the class could determine appropriate fill time and what machine settings enabled us to hold fill time to +/-0.04 sec.  The class learned what variables need to be kept constant to produce consistent parts.  Flow rate, controlling viscosity, balancing multi-cavity molds plus some tricks of the trade are only a few of the factors that make a major difference in profitable production.  At the molding machine in M.R. Mold’s Technology Center, John taught us how to maximize our process by using Delta P, fill time control, intensification ratio, and other data based (scientific) procedures.  Using an Engel 100 ton hydraulic machine and M.R. Mold’s 4-cavity cupcake mold, the class witnessed how a properly setup machine adjusted for viscosity changes on the fly during first stage.  They also requested and were shown the influence of regeneration on processing. 

At the machine, the class watched fill time and pressure at transfer to monitor silicone viscosity and note viscosity changes due to color, lot variations and barrel temperature.  Dr. Deming’s principals of SPC were demonstrated and shown to provide data on process variations.  The class was also treated to novel applications of infrared thermography to silicone molding and part temperature.