M.R. Mold & Engineering Welcomes Two New Employees

M.R. Mold & Engineering’s niche in the liquid silicone medical market has sustained M.R. Mold through the past several years of industry ups and downs. Today, the specialty of building tight tolerance flash less molds has necessitated that M.R. Mold & Engineering expand its workforce to 24 employees to help handle the workload created by the volume or current projects. 

M.R. Mold & Engineering is pleased to welcome two new people to the M.R. Mold team, a veteran of moldmaking for the past 27 years, and a moldmaking Journeyman of over eight years. These two individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and a combined 35+ years of experience to the table, enabling the company to continue to serve customers with the quality and precision that has made M.R. Mold & Engineering a lead in the liquid silicone medical market. 

M.R. Mold continues to interview qualified individuals, including apprentices, to add to their team. Please visit the website at www.mrmold.com, or call Geri Anderson at 630-853-1264.