Customer Testimonials...........

"It has been a pleasure to work with this Company, I always had received help on any matter  I have  had, I want to thanks the quick and great attention Brian, Margaret and all people involved had with us on your response."

"Great customer service from Rick, Mike and Brian on these projects. I appreciated the fact that some concerns about filling the long parts were shared and mold flow analysis was suggested.  I like suppliers who do more than just making it to the print.  Thanks for outstanding support.  With MR Mold, it’s easy to connect/communicate with everyone at all times and getting answers in timely fashion."

"MR mold did exactly what they said they would when they said they would. We look forward to the mold trials at your facility" 

"You folds still do a great job of taking care of all the project needs.  I especially like the way you consider what the mold does for us in our production environment.  Your commitment doesn't end when the mold hits the pallet."

"It has been my experience for many years now that Rick, Jim, Brian & the entire MR Mold TEAM always work well with our Engineers on projects & deliver tooling 100% to spec, and of the very highest quality workmanship & functionality. I’ve particularly enjoyed the benefits realized thru efforts of Rick & Mike Coleman to enable the design to be concurrently engineered with their outside design contractor, Dan Butcher, thru use of online meetings. In those same many years, I have NOT EVER been dissatisfied with either the Tooling delivered, or with MR Mold & Engineering attention to & assistance with any rework requirements or functional details following tool delivery."