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Moldmakers Making a Difference

MoldMaking Technology has supported iWarriors since the program's inception three years ago because it was mold manufacturers who kicked off the concept of providing our wounded warriors with the gift of technology to stay in touch with family and friends while they are on the mend.  Today iWarriors is going strong and growing as it continues to support our troops this year with even more iPad deliveries.
Here are a few stories recipients have shared expressing their gratitude when we are the ones who are grateful to them!
This photo shows Army Spec. Patton who was injured in Afghanistan from an IED blast that peppered his body with shrapnel and left him with vision problems. He also suffers from TBI and PTSD. He says he is already putting the iPad to good use while he continues his recovery. He wanted to thank all of the iWarriors supporters for the awesome gift.
Corporal Surdi has received two Purple Hearts for wounds received from IED blasts during his tours with the Marine Corp. He continues to serve with the USMC Reserves. He is grateful to all who made the ipad gift possible.

James Holbrook was injured in Afghanistan when he was caught in a firefight. He took gunshots to the head and both knees. Medically retired, he now is a full time instructor at naval hospital corps school.
Army Specialist Michael Gray received an iPad. He sustained several injuries from three separate IED blasts while serving in Afghanistan. 
The following quote is from Jake Aiken of Rhode Island: "I received my package and I was like "Wow, I got an iPad!," then I opened it. I saw everything inside and I got choked up at the way it was wrapped and everything that came with it. The case, the cards, the everything. When I opened the card you wrote, I got a happy feeling that I haven't felt in a long time. Someone who doesn't know me wrote this card and sent all this nice stuff. Then I opened the iPad and I saw the back of it with my unit, name and motto. That sent me into tears. I have not cried in years.  I had grown numb to my feelings. They were happy tears. Words can't explain what this gift has done to me. I can't thank all the donors enough. You have given me a gift that really caught me off guard with the amount of time, money and detail. It will help me daily. I did download some PTSD apps already and my girlfriend and I watched a movie. Thanks again so much. This email was written on my new iPad! You are great people, thank you thank you thank you." 
You can help support other Wounded Warriors by clicking here or feel free to contact Kim Bartz at 651-303-4409 or via email at