M.R. Mold brings STEAM to its facility

It is not news that the entire manufacturing industry is struggling to find young people to join the “TRADES”.  College is not for everyone and collectively, as an industry, through TMA, NTMA, AMBA, SPI, SPE and other organizations and associations, we are educating young people that manufacturing is their alternative to college. 


Recently M.R. Mold & Engineering teamed up with Century High School in Santa Ana, CA.  Century High School promotes a program called STEAM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Math), offering students related technology courses.  Rick Finnie, president of M.R. Mold visited their school and introduced M.R. Mold and mold making to the students.  Two weeks later 18 student and 3 teachers toured M.R. Mold.  They began in Engineering and were shown how their classes apply to our business.  A tour of the shop followed.  Here they were introduced to the many machines and processes that are part of building a mold.  The two hour experience ended in our Tech Center where they experienced 3 completed molds; a plastic injection, silicone injection and a compression mold producing parts.  The NTMA (National Tooling & Machining Association) and R.D. Abbott were also present and involved in educating the students at M.R. Mold.


Surveys provided by Century High School solidified that WE did educate, that we sparked interest in students who did not know of manufacturing previously.  As Rick Finnie would say – “You don’t have to become a mold maker but find your passion and BUILD something!  Take pride in the fact that you used your hands to produce something. “