LightFair 2016 HUGE success

M.R. Mold was invited to be part of the ShinEtsu booth at LightFair 2016.  The partnership ShinEtsu put together included ShinEtsu, Arburg, M.R. Mold, and Graco.   

The material produced a magnifying glass out of ShinEtsu's KE-2062 which ran in a 4 cavity mold by M.R. Mold & Engineering, mounted onto M.R. Molds' universal base featuring a 1 drop cold runner system.  The entire process ran fully automatic on Arburg GmbH's electric Allrounder A 100 ton with an Integrated Arburg robot multillift 6kg, assisted by a Graco, Inc's F4-5 pumping unit which features increased precision and better color control..

The interest in OPTICALLY CLEAR SILICONE was evident at this event!  What applications can you bring to the table with optical clear silicone?