U.S. Government sides with AMBA to Reinstate 25% Tariffs.

It is with much excitement and gratitude that we are proud to announce that the U.S. Government has sided with the AMBA and will reinstate the 25% tariffs on Chinese plastic injection molds starting December 28, 2019. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) will publish on Dec. 23 a formal notice that it will not extend the exclusion from 25 percent tariffs for Chinese plastic injection molds granted on December 28, 2018. This is an important victory for our members and industry after years of Chinese molds undercutting American prices and taking away American jobs.
In October 2019, the AMBA hired a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying firm, The Franklin Partnership, to develop and execute the successful strategy that included visits with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, meetings with the Trump administration and countless hours advising the AMBA and its members on how to lobby the federal government.

Working with The Franklin Partnership and Harbour Results, the AMBA coordinated the filing of over 150 comments from U.S. mold builders and stakeholders with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, calling for the reinstatement of the 25% tariffs suspended on plastic injection molds on December 28, 2018. The government had to decide by December 28, 2019, whether to extend the suspension of tariffs for another twelve months, but ultimately sided with the AMBA, agreeing to reinstate the 25% tariff rate on the imported Chinese plastic injection molds (Harmonized Tariff Schedule Code 8480.71.8045).

The AMBA thanks the 150 mold building companies who took the time to individually file comments with the government in support of the tariffs - the government clearly heard us loud and clear. We should all be proud of this important victory. When the government lifted the tariffs last December, we were all taken by surprise, as we have not actively lobbied Washington in the past – quite simply, we were not at the table, so we were on the menu. This time around, not only did we have a seat at the table, but we led a nationwide effort and made a difference for hundreds of mold shops in the U.S. and thousands of American workers.


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