Monday, November 25, 2013

International Silicone Conference 2014

International Silicone Conference, May 20-21, 2014

You're Invited

Make plans to attend the International Silicone Conference to learn about improvements in technology, discover new applications and network with professionals in the silicone industry. The comprehensive program will feature presentations of strategic solutions to the issues we face as manufacturers, suppliers and fabricators. Numerous table-top exhibitors will showcase the latest in technology, manufacturing and materials advancements.
Visit: for more conference information. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Molding 2014 Conference, Newport Beach, CA

  Molding 2014: Technology in Motion

Exciting new technologies will be presented in the areas of:

LSR Molding Reducing Cost Adding Value Automation Growing Your Business Medical Molding Emerging Technologies and much more

To view the complete program and abstracts click:

Once again, M.R. Mold & Engineering is a proud sponsor of Molding 2014.  Please join us for this very informative industry event.

Silicone Elastomers Technology and Fabrication Course

Silicone Elastomers Technology and Fabrication

Tue.-Fri., Feb. 4-7, 2014


This course offers a comprehensive overview of silicone elastomers, including basic silicone chemistry, types of silicone elastomers, manufacturing processes, fabrication techniques, problem solving, and application areas. Emphasis is on liquid injection molding (LIM/LSR) with detailed information in the areas of material selection, dispensing methods, injection molding process, tool design, and bonding alternatives. This course is presented by a panel of experts in  the silicones field, and time is allotted for discussion of specific projects of interest.

Featured at this course is a one day “field trip” to M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp. during which attendees will experience all the manufacturing processes involved in producing an actual liquid silicone rubber part including material selection, pump design and operation, tool design considerations, injection molding machine setup and operation, and flow analysis.

Who Should Attend
Both entry-level and experienced rubber technologists, rubber chemists, process engineers, laboratory managers, supervisors, technicians, shop foremen, quality assurance managers and engineers, technical sales personnel and rubber producers and users.

Instructors: Mel Toub, MT Consultants; John Timmerman, Starlim North America Corporation; Bob Pelletier, Fluid Automation, Inc.; Rick Finnie, M.R.   Mold & Engineering Corp.; Juergen Giesow, Arburg GmbH; Torsten Kruse, Kruse Analysis
Location: Hilton Suites, Orange, CA.
Call 714-938-1111 for hotel information or to reserve a discounted room rate (mention UWM).
Early Bird: $1090, Enroll by Dec. 4, 2013 and receive the $1090 fee
Fee: $1290
CEUs: 2.0
Program No. 4830-6566

Registration To register call 414-227-3200 or visit

Thursday, September 26, 2013

California Assembly Member Hagman Tours M.R. Mold and Engineering Plant

September 25, 2013
California Assembly Member Curt Hagman (R-55) toured M.R. Mold and Engineering in Brea on Sept. 23.  Founded in 1985, M.R. Mold and Engineering has a 4,000 square foot Technology Center and is known for its expertise in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molds, gum stock silicone, plastic injection, compression and transfer molds for its global customer base. M.R. Mold has 28 highly-skilled employees and impressive, employee training program.  
Assembly Member Hagman urged Rick Finnie, president of M.R. Mold and Engineering, to continue to reach out to legislators and educate them on ways that they could help his business.  Hagman said that by watching voting records, writing editorials and suggesting changes to bills that impact the plastics industry, Finnie and his staff can help make an impact on the future of the plastics industry. 
M.R. Mold and Engineering President Rick Finnie (r
M.R. Mold and Engineering President Rick Finnie (right) hosts California Assembly Member Curt Hagman (R-55) at their Brea facility.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

M.R. Mold partners with Maplan GmbH at the International Rubber Expo

International Rubber Expo, October 8-10, I-X Center, Cleveland, Ohio
The International Elastomer Conference is the premier place where customers, suppliers of materials, equipment, tools and services, and educators come together. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, observations, regulatory reforms and emerging scientific technologies, as well as learning and networking. The International Rubber & Advanced Materials In Healthcare Expo retains tradition with the rubber and polymer industries while also attracting the bio and advanced materials industries. The International Rubber Expo, a highly respected event for the past 34 years, builds upon this success expanding to include advanced materials, such as biopolymers in the healthcare industry and more.

Maplan GmbH in conjunction with M.R. Mold & Engineering, Xiameter, R.D. Abbott, Graco and Kistler have partnered to bring the latest technology to the International Rubber & Advanced Material Expo

Maplan GmbH is excited to feature their model MHF 200L/200 Edition horizontal press.  The Edition series offers a rigid, full stroking clamping unit with an extremely compact design along with their intuitive well proven "PC5000" control.  The press features a unique injection unit for processing LSR and will be running a 4 cavity valve gated shot glass mold by M.R. Mold & Engineering.  The integration of Kistler 1mm in-cavity pressure sensors is providing the signal for valve gate controls. 
XIAMETER® brand RBL-9200 Series silicone features a new technology translating faster processing and better part quality without the typical tradeoffs in mixed scorch safely through a combination of enhanced mixing technology in conjunctionwith the use of optimized cross-linker/plasticizer and silica packages.   Combining this technology to produce silicone shot glass parts, Graco will showcase their M4-5M Meter-Mix System.

Please register on-line at and click on Register Now.  You will need to create a free account if you do not already have one.  Once you have completed your information, enter Maplan GmbH’s access code, E5741 to receive complimentary registration. Step-by-step instructions are available at

We look forward to meeting with you in Cleveland at the inaugural Rubber Expo & Advanced Materials in Health Care.

If you are interested in attending the K`13 show in Dusseldorf, please contact us for a complimentary pass.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Essentials of Silicone Elastomers Course

RESHORING is the Wave of the Future!

Too often purchasing people are making buying decisions based on the fact that "a mold is a mold so go with the lowest cost."  This has been the thought process for too many years.  What happens when the mold is delivered and it's not producing good parts?  When quality becomes the issue?  How do you manage through that?  There is no substitute for working with domestic sources.  Creating jobs in the U.S., having the ability to visit your mold shop for mold trials within the U.S., reducing cost of travel and time away from the shop, is not only cost effective but a significant benefit.  Chinese manufacturers are experiencing double-digit inflation in wages and other manufacturing costs.  It no longer pay to go off-shore for manufacturing.  Reshoring is the wave of the future!

 Total Cost of Ownership Estimator™  is a free tool used by hundreds of companies for better sourcing decisions.  It should be used to convince customers to buy domestically.  Data suggests that 25% of what has been off-shored should come back if companies use TCO instead of price for sourcing decisions.  

Friday, March 8, 2013

Reshoring America!

Their Mission

The mission of the Reshoring Initiative is to bring good, well-paying manufacturing jobs back to the United States by assisting companies to more accurately assess their total cost of offshoring, and shift collective thinking from ‘offshoring is cheaper’ to ‘local reduces the total cost of ownership.’

Get Involved

While many believe the United States is no longer an advantageous place to produce goods, nothing could be further from the truth. However, if more manufacturing is to find its way back from overseas, it needs to become a national priority. That's why it's important for both individuals and companies to get involved in the Reshoring Initiative.

Ways to Support the Cause

  • Rally support for reshoring in your company, industry and community.
  • Link to from your company's website.
  • Post relevant comments to online articles about American manufacturing.
  • Send a letter to the editor regarding the importance of reshoring in your industry.
  • Share the Total Cost of Ownership Estimator™ with local economic development groups.
  • Talk to your U.S. Senators and Congressmen about the economic benefits of reshoring.
  • Share information about any events or publications where the topic of reshoring would apply to the Reshoring Initiative.
  • Submit a reshoring case study.
  • Become a sponsor of the Reshoring Initiative.
  • Share links to reshoring articles that you would like to see featured in the Reshoring Library.
  • Volunteer your time to a Reshoring Initiative project.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Silicone Elastomers Course a HUGE Success in California

The Silicone Elastomers Technology and Fabrication hosted by the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee held its second class in Anaheim, CA February 18-21. The pilot course was launched in California last July with 34 participants. This course drew 47 participants from all over the U.S.

For more than 10 years, this course has offered a comprehensive overview of silicone elastomers, manufacturing processes, fabrication techniques, problem solving and applications. Emphasis is on LSR (liquid silicone rubber) in the areas of material selection, dispensing methods, injection molding process and tooling. An added benefit to the California class is a "field trip" to M.R. Mold & Engineering, during which attendees experienced first-hand the entire manufacturing process.

Industry experts, Mel Toub of Momentive Performance Materials, John Timmerman of Starlim North America Corporation, Bob Pelletier of Graco, Inc., Rick Finnie of M.R. Mold & Engineering and Juergen Giesow of Arburg GmbH were the course instructors.

Feedback received from participants included, but not limited to:

"Great combination of theory and demonstration of practice to bring it all together! Lots of information about all aspects so that you see the whole picture."

"Good, well rounded approach. Covered all the basics."

"MRM field trip was very informative. I learned a lot about the process from seeing it in use."

"Very good variety of topics - diverse instructors."

For more information about upcoming classes, visit or contact M.R. Mold at




M.R. Mold is Honored to be Part of the iWarriors Program

The mission of iWarriors is to honor severely injured members of the Fifth Marines by roviding them with personalized iPads.  With help from members of the American Mold Builders Association, MoldMaking Technology Magazine, and others, their vision is to expand these and other gifts to severely injured service members of all branches of the Armed Forces.

Since 2010, iWarriors has been delivering iPads to returning amputees for their use while undergoing care at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, CA.  Thanks to the donations of AMBA members and industry colleagues, funds are continually raised to support this great cause.

Rick Finnie, President of M.R. Mold & Engineering and Geri Anderson, Marketing Director, will be among 12 people to visit Balboa Naval Hospital and Camp Pendleton March 21-22 to distribute more than 50 iPads to the brave warriors who have risked life and limb for our great country.  We are humbled to be part of this extraodinary cause.

Donations can be mailed to: Fund of SCVF
516 Second Street, Suite 214
Hudson, WI  54016
or by visitimg

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Economist: We Won the Online Poll

We won 54% to 46%, much to the chagrin of The Economist! Thanks to many of you who voted.
The Economist magazine held an online debate and poll on this topic: Do multinational corporations have a duty to maintain a strong presence in their home countries? 
Harry Moser, Reshoring Initiative, was invited to write in support of that proposition.
Jagdish Bhagwati, Professor of Economics and Law, Columbia University, was invited to write in opposition to the proposition.
The moderator from The Economist, Tamzin Booth, was very surprised at the resulting 54-46 win.
This has been a closely fought debate, and for most of the time it looked as if Jagdish Bhagwati would prevail, with voting in his favour at around 54%. He robustly defended globalisation as practised by multinational corporations, and conclusively answered each point made by his opponent, Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative. Nonetheless, in the end the voting suddenly swung narrowly in Mr Moser’s favour. This is a surprising result, given that a large slice of Economist readers can be assumed to be strong believers in the benefits of a global economy, and the idea that companies owe a duty to somewhere called “home” counters that.
An odd comment, because the issue wasn’t whether there were benefit of a global economy. Ms. Booth exhibits sloppy thinking because those who think multinationals have some duty to the home countries are not stating that there should be no global trade or operations.
She also then tries to explain the results away, blaming “angst”.
But Mr Moser’s side prevailed in the end. This doubtless reflects not only his arguments in favour of reshoring to America but a broad angst about the country’s economic future.
Contrary to Ms. Booth’s assertion, the Bhagwati gang is the side which is emotionally involved with their version of duty-less global utopianism, regardless of the facts.