Monday, July 28, 2014

Rogan Adds M.R. Mold Cold Deck System to its Vertical LSR Molding Machine

Northbrook, IL, May 2014 - Rogan Corporation, known for its true two-shot, liquid silicone rubber, and insert molding, has purchased and added a new cold deck system to its vertical Sodick Plustech Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) molding machine. The cold deck will reduce the volume of LSR material used during molding by eliminating the sprue and runner waste that occurs with traditional silicone injection molding. The result is a reduction in part costs, material savings, reduced cycle times, and increased equipment utilization. In addition, Rogan customers also experience a significant tooling savings benefit. 

“Given the complexity of the LSR parts that we produce,” states Jim Ritzema, Rogan’s Director of Operations, “customers can realize tooling savings of between $25,000 - $50,000, depending on the size of the mold, by not having to purchase a cold deck system for their custom tooling.” 

The Rogan cold deck is a two-drop system. The vertical LSR molding machine has a rotary platen on the core side, so there are two bottom halves and one top half. When molding a part, the operator is able to de-mold parts and/or load inserts into the B half while the molding cycle is taking place. The result is faster molding cycles and maximum operator efficiency.

Rogan currently has similar cold deck technology in place with its horizontal LSR molding machines. Adding this system to its vertical LSR molding machine provides the company with additional capacity to take advantage of better utilization of equipment. 

“This new cold deck system will further reduce material costs for our LSR molding customers,” says Ritzema. “Unlike waste from thermoplastic molding, which can often be re-ground and re-processed, waste from LSR molding is a loss, and can be a major cost factor, since LSR is a premium material. This is especially true when molding small parts, where typically the runner can often be as much as five times the size of the individual part itself.” 

Rogan purchased the cold deck system from M.R. Mold and Engineering. The system is a split plate design that facilitates ease of cleaning and maintenance. This design also allows for quick material and color changes. 

Using the new cold deck system, Rogan can efficiently mold small parts, as well as larger parts up to 12 square inches.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Molding 2015 - Call for Papers

25th International Conference & Exhibit
June 16-18, 2015
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL

The 25th International Conference & Exhibit Molding 2015 is a unique event organized by a volunteer committee of all branches of the industry – molders, moldmakers, materials suppliers, and the trade press. The conference will focus on important innovations in manufacturing technologies of consumers and industrial products. Industry leaders will present the latest developments in various injection molding processes, hardware and controls with special emphasis on adding value to your business. These conferences are widely recognized as the most important forum for technical information and business connections.

Conference Topics

Emerging Technologies
Sustainable Manufacturing
Adding Value: Automations/Assembly/Packaging LSR Molding
Medical Molding
Molding of Integrated Electronic components

Organizing Committee
Amos Golovoy
AG Research (Conference Chairman)
Greg Dull
Wacker Silicones
Tim Erwin
Spectrum Plastics
Matt Naitove
Plastics Technology Magazine
Rick Finnie
M.R. Mold & Engineering

Missy Rogers
Noble Plastics
John Ward

Abstracts (WORD) should be e-mailed to Conference Chairman, or to any member of the organizing committee. Abstracts Deadlines: October 17, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

M.R. Mold Exhibits at Southern California SPE's Western Plastic Trade Fair

July 10, 2014
Western Plastic Trade Fair
Half day seminars and supplier exhibitions. 
Three must see seminars for the plastics professional along with exhibits from the best suppliers to the Southern California plastic community.  Tasty German Dinner along with our famous raffle. 
August 14, 2014
Phoenix Club
Anaheim, CA

Seminar 1: 1:15-2:00PM

"Material Selection - 8 Questions To Ask"           

Robert P. Frey, 
Lead Technical Development Engineer

If you've ever wondered how to make sure you get the information needed to assist your customer in selecting the right material for a job, these 8 questions...actually more like 8 subjects to discuss... will likely bring up a lot more questions, but will also get the discussion started and will likely make your customer thing more about his application, and what it really needs.  Included are concerns regarding the chemical, thermal, mechanical and regulatory  environment, as well as a few other topics.
Bob has 40 years of experience in the plastics industry, starting with production jobs at Dow Chemical, then moving to GE Plastics for 7 years of tech support work in the NORYL®, XENOY® and VALOX® resin businesses.  Bob left GE Plastics and spent 7 years self-employed as a consultant, focusing mostly on computerized flow analyses.  During those years, he worked with a broad variety of thermoplastics, both engineering and commodity.  In 1993, Bob re-joined the GE family as the Technical Service Engineer for Polymerland, and stayed with GEPlastics until shortly after the buyout by Sabic. Finding that working for a single resin supplier was "too constricting", Bob moved to PolyOne Distribution in 2008.  This position at PolyOne Distribution includes responsibilities for processing, design, material selection, failure analyses, and education (both internal and external).  Bob has a BSME degree from Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio.  In his current position, Bob has responsibility to support customers in the 14 western United States as well as western Canada and the northern portions of Mexico.

Seminar 2: 2:15-3:00 PM

Shear happens!            
Steven Silvey 
Silveys' Plastic Consulting

Within the injection molding process there are many areas of shear which have an effect both on the plastics in the form of heat impute, to that which is caused by all the restricted areas in the machine, nozzle, and mold feed system.  Understanding the areas and the possible effects can lead to an understanding of what is controllable and easily interchanged from machine to machine as the tool moves yielding another universal setup point to consider. 

Though short the presentation shall cover:
Screw RPM vs surface speed
Temperature raise in nozzles
Shear and flowability
Gate design and effect of injection speeds

Steven L Silvey has many years in the plastic industry with experience in most of the major processing methods. He spent the first 16 years of his career in the custom molding, blow molding, compression and ophthalmic molding/casting businesses with duties ranging from maintenance, set-up/molder, R&D engineer, Tech Service Manager, to Engineering Manager at various companies. In addition he also filled in at Laney College, teaching mold design and part design in the evenings.  Steven than worked at  General Polymers/ Ashland for 15 years, as their technical services engineer covering  the Western region of the United States, Mexico, and Western Canada. In 2003 Steven started applying his knowledge as consultant as owner of Silveys' Plastic Consulting. In this capacity he continues to provide solutions and education to those in the plastic part manufacturing area
He is a graduate of California State University Chico. A Senior Member of SPE, Certified Instructor for RJG Systematic I training course, Certified Plastic Technologist and member at large of Epsilon Pi Tau.

Seminar 3: 
3:15-4:00 PM  

Optimizing Pack & Hold times In Hot Runner Molds
Suhas Kulkarni  

For cold runner molds, the pack and hold times are optimized by conducting a gate freeze study (or gate seal study) where the part weight is recorded as a function of the pack and hold times. When the gate freezes the part weight remains constant with increasing pack and hold times. A second or so is added to the lowest value of time where the part weight stays constant and this number is taken as the total time for the setting of the pack and hold times. However, in hot runner systems or in valve gated systems the gate area always has molten plastic and therefore the above method does not produce acceptable results. A method for optimizing this value in hot runner systems or valve gated systems is proposed based on the Cosmetic and Dimensional Process Window. Experimental results will be shown.

Suhas Kulkarni is the President of FIMMTECH, a consulting firm that specializes in services related to injection molding. He earned his Masters in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and a Bachelors in Polymer Engineering from the University of Poona, India. He has 22 years of experience as a process engineer. His main area of expertise is Scientific Processing for Injection Molding. He conducts regular training seminars in Injection Molding and has developed a custom software called Nautilus, that aids the complete process development routine to production release. He is a contract faculty at UMASS Lowell and has given numerous presentations and written several articles. He is also an author of the book 'Robust Process Development and Scientific Molding' published by Hanser Publications in 2010.

Vishu Shah 909-465-6699

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jim Albert, General Manager, Retires

Jim Albert, the General Manager of M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp is pleased to announce his retirement as of June 27, 2014.  Him has been an important part of M.R. Mold for the past 22 years.  His knowledge of both plastics and silicone has enabled M.R. Mold to grow into the industry leader it is today.

Effective immediately, all RFQs, inquiries and correspondence should be sent to Rick Finnie, Brian Geisel, Ray Shapland or Don Marple at their respective email addresses.

Join the M.R. Mold team in wishing Jim, and his wife Dawn, a very relaxing and enjoyable retirement!!

M.R. Mold Boasts Record Month in June 2014

June 2014 will be a month that goes down in history!  In the 29 years M.R. Mold has been in business, business has never been so good.  Record sales were recorded last month.

To express his appreciation for his employees hard work and dedication to meet customer's needs and deadlines, Rick Finnie, president, pulled out the grille and barbecued filet mignon for his 30 employees.  Served with baked potatoes and Brian Geisel's homemade baked beans, the lunch was a resounding success!

The addition of 6 new employees, ranging from apprentice to management, in the past two months has provided M.R. Mold with the skill and expertise needed to build, sample and ship molds ON TIME!!

"We have no reason to believe it will slow down anytime soon,"  states Rick Finnie.  "Our customers are telling us the work will continue to be awarded to M.R. Mold."