Wednesday, December 12, 2012

M.R. Mold - Proud Sponsor of Molding 2013

The 23rd International Conference & Exhibit MOLDING 2013 will focus on important innovations in manufacturing technologies of consumers and industrial products. Industry leaders will present the latest developments in various injection molding processes, hardware and controls with special emphasis on adding value to your business.  Conference topics include:  Reducing costs, Adding Value, Growing your Business, Medical Molding and Emerging Technologies. 

M.R. Mold will again sponsor the molding conference.  We invite you to be a part of this educational experience.  For more details visit

M.R. Mold Exhibits at MD&M West

For over 10 years, M.R. Mold & Engineering has been exhibiting at the MD&M West show.  This year's show will again be held at the Anaheim Convention Center February 12-14, 2013.  We invite you to stop by Booth 1346 to talk to us about our mold building capabilities for plastics, liquid silicone and gum stock rubber.  Hundreds of part samples will be on display, showcasing our expertise. Let M.R. Mold help you solve your toughest medical device design, eningeering, prototyping and manufacturing challenges.  Whether you have an active project or just looking for inspiration, we are certain we can meet your needs.

M.R. Mold hosts TLARGI event

On Thursday, November 15, 2012 M.R. Mold and Engineering hosted approximately 60 students of The Los Angeles Rubber Group (TLARGI). Since 1934, the Basic Rubber Technology program offered by The Los Angeles Rubber Group Incorporated has provided members of the rubber industry with an understanding about basic manufacturing procedures, materials and equipment involved with the production of rubber and rubber-like products. The course is designed for people with no prior technical background, as well as the technically oriented.

Rick Finnie, Jim Albert and Brian Geisel gave guided tours of the shop, with explanation as to what each piece of equipment is used for and why.  Rick Zeibel, class instructor, brings his students to M.R. Mold because he feels it is an integral part of their learning.  For more information regarding the Basic Rubber Technology Course, visit

Monday, November 5, 2012

M.R. Mold & Engineering at MD&M Minneapolis

M.R. Mold & Engineering made its presence known at MD&M Minneapolis last week. 

Our umbrella valve mold ran in the Engel booth, assisting Engel is show casing their molding machine and automation capabilities.

M.R. Mold & Engineering also partnered with Alba Enterprises.  Their Babyplast molding machine featured our duckbill mold.

Although the show was slower this year than in the past, MD&M Minneapolis has always been a successful show for M.R. Mold & Engineering.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rick Finnie red carded at MD&M Minneapolis

Rick Finnie was red carded by his Operations Manager, Brian Geisel at MD&M Minneapolis......

Monday, October 22, 2012

M.R. Mold and Engineering Exhibits at MD&M Minneapolis

There’s no TRICK to stopping by M.R. Mold’s booth #1136 but we can TREAT you to our silicone cupcake pans.  Stop by and get your ghoulish bake ware. 

We’ll be waiting for yooooooo……………………


Rick Finnie of M.R. Mold & Engineering teaches at UW Stout

 The University of Wisconsin Stout is hosting a class entitled:  

“How to Specify a Mold – Plastic vs. Silicone”

This course will be taught by Rick Finnie, president of M.R. Mold & Engineering. 


If you are new to silicone…


                        If you are curious about liquid silicone rubber…


                                    If you are contemplating getting into liquid silicone rubber…


You will find benefits in attending this “free” class. 

Date:   Friday, November 2, 2012

Time:   8:30-Noon

Place:   University of Wisconsin Stout

                                                212 Millennium Hall, Bldg #11

                                                Menomonie, WI  54751

RSVP to:  Geri Anderson at by October 30th

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paulsen presses IRS on medical device tax regulations

September 12, 2012 by MassDevice staff

Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.) presses the IRS on the final rules for implementing the medical device tax, a 2.3% levy on U.S. revenues set to begin Jan. 1, 2013.
Miller said the IRS is responsible only for meeting its statutory obligation to implement the rules, telling Paulsen he couldn't comment on whether an excise tax is appropriate for medical devices.

Watch Rep. Paulsen question IRS deputy commissioner Steven Miller on the medical device tax

"We continue to hear of American companies already beginning to lay-off employees in anticipation of this dangerous new tax," Paulsen said in prepared remarks. "We need to be doing everything we can to repeal this tax not only because the administration seems to be ill prepared for its implementation, but more importantly, because it will cost this nation valuable jobs in a valuable industry."
For its part, med-tech industry lobby AdvaMed called the tax "a blunt and damaging instrument being applied to highly innovative and dynamic industry."
"The medical device tax is one of the few IRS-administered provisions that goes into effect in 2013. Even apart from the destructive $30 billion economic burden of the tax, the mechanics of implementing it will be extremely challenging both for companies and for the IRS. It is vastly more complicated than a typical excise tax, and compliance by companies in our industry will be both costly and burdensome," AdvaMed president & CEO Stephen Ubl said in a press release. "We look forward to the opportunity to continue to work with the IRS to address implementation concerns."

Monday, August 27, 2012

M.R. Mold adds press for liquid silicone mold trials

Posted August 24, 2012

BREA, CALIF. (Aug. 24, 1 p.m. ET) -- M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp. of Brea, Calif., acquired a 77-ton hydraulic Arburg 370S Allrounder injection molding machine for customized sampling of liquid-silicone-rubber parts.

Customers wanted the tool maker to trial molds in vertical as well as horizontal orientations, and so M.R. Mold purchased the machine with both molding capabilities. M.R. Mold began operating the press in mid-July.

The Arburg has 15mm and 35mm cylinder assemblies, said J├╝rgen Giesow, regional manager in Irvine, Calif., for Arburg Inc. The machine has a 15mm diving nozzle for a cold runner system and a 0.005-inch-radius nozzle for conventional molds.

Giesow and five others provided instruction July 17-20 primarily in Orange, Calif., during a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee course on silicone elastomers technology and fabrication. At M.R. Mold’s Brea plant, Giesow demonstrated the 370S’s capabilities for 43 attendees including three employees of M.R. Mold.

M.R. Mold employs 27 including 20 mold makers. Rent hires include a molding technician and a molding making apprentice. M.R. Mold seeks individuals for molding and project management positions.

Established in 1985 and adding injection molding capability in 2003, the firm occupies 14,000 square feet and, in addition to the Arburg, operates five other presses including a 100-ton tiebarless Engel, two 55-ton Engels, a 90-ton Boy and an all-electric 110-ton Negri Bossi. The operation is ISO 9001-compliant and working towards ISO certification.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Arburg instructs at the UWM Silicone Elastomers & Technology Course

Juergen Geisow of Arburg, Inc. was instrumental in teaching the 40 attendees if the UWM Silicone Elastomers & Technology Course the particulars of the Arburg 370S Allrounder at M.R. Mold on Thursday, July 19th.  Juergen instructed the class on the molding process for a silicone baby product, establishing inject pressure and speed for the particular mold, among other variables.

John Timmerman, Starlim North America, lends his expertise at M.R. Mold & Engineering during the UWM Silicone Elastomers Technology & Fabrication Course in California

John Timmerman of Starlim North America provided the UWM class of 40 with his expertise in mold processing.  John instructed the class on a 100 ton Engel tie-barless molding machine running a silicone mold.  John took the class from start up through molding, encompassing specific perimeters, including short shots.  John showed the class the difference vacuum makes in the molding process.

Fluid Automation educates at M.R. Mold during UWM's Silicone Elastomers & Technology Course

Bob Pelletier of Fluid Automation explained to a class of 40 the intricacies of a silicone pumping unit.  Bob educated the class on selecting the correct unit for their project and the importance of maintenance.  Explaining the differences between units available gave the class a distinct overview of how to match a pumping unit to their projects.

M.R. Mold hosts plant tour during UWM Silicone Elastomers & Fabrication Course

Brian Geisel, Operations Manager at M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp.,  toured the 40 attendees around the M.R. Mold shop.  Brian explained, in detail, what each machine's capabilities are and how they are important in the perfection of a silicone mold.

In addition to the plant tour, attendees were able to view M.R. Mold's silicone shot glass mold running in the 100 ton Negri Bossi all electric with Kistler transducers.  Bob Hendricks and Roy Verdejo were available to answer any questions about the Kistler products.

Rick Finnie explains mold components at M.R. Mold during the UWM Silicone Elastomers & Silicone Course in California

Rick Finnie, president of M.R. Mold & Engineering educated 40 attendees on the specifics of mold components during the Silicone Elastomers and Technology course hosted by the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in California this summer.  Rick explained cold runner systems, the advantages of universal bases and a stuffer box to keep costs in line within the molding process.

M.R. Mold participates in UWM's Silicone Elastomers & Fabrication Course in California

This class was the first of it's kind.  The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee took its annual Silicone Elastomer and Technology Course on the road to California.  In doing so they added to the 3 day course with an additional day of hands-on processing at M.R. Mold & Engineering.  Murali Vedula, Program Director, Engineering, Sustainability, and Transportation, UWM School of Continuing Education has been the driving force to educate the industry over the years about liquid silicone rubber.

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee moved their annual fall course to California this summer to encompass a "hands-on" process day at M.R . Mold & Engineering.  The course began with a 2 day classroom overview from the chemistry of silicone through mold processing.  Mel Toub of Momentive Silicones lead the way with an in depth explanation of silicone chemistry.

Bob Pelletier of Fluid Automations educated the class on the intricate workings of the pumping unit and its importance within silicone molding.  Bob's presentation included the variety of pumps available and the importance of maintaining the pumping unit to achieve ultimate molding criteria.

Juergen Giesow of Arburg, Inc. spoke to the class about the variety of molding machines and options.  His instruction made us aware that it is important to have all the capabilities needed within the molding machine to make the molding process effective and proficient.  Juergen explained the differences in molding machine capabilities and how to choose the correct machine for molding projects.

Rick Finnie, president of M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp, spoke to the class about the mold building process.  He explained the differences between building a plastic mold and a mold for liquid silicone rubber.  Rick also spoke to the class about the advantages of cold runner systems and automation in order to bring the molding process to the height of its potential.  In today's world, time and cost is everything.  Rick instructed the class on all the possibilities to make a project profitable.

Torsten Kruse of Kruse Analysis, Inc. gave the class an education on the importance of doing a mold analysis prior to building the mold.  Torsten spoke on gating, venting, last place to fill, curing, mold temperature and many more factors that need to be defined prior to cutting steel.  Torsten spoke of case studies that saved customers thousand of dollars because defects were eliminated prior to the mold design.

John Timmerman of Starlim North America instructed the class on mold processing.  His intricate studies enabled the class to grasp all the common denominators of silicone molding AND all the unexpected problems that may occur.  John answered many questions as to "what if" and the class gained a wealth of knowledge from his Q&A.

A few class attendees Testimonials:

"Being able to visit the mold builder and see the theory applied was helpful"
"I enjoyed the instructors and appreciated their knowledge of the industry"
"I like the fact there was enough time for the instructors to recall various experiences as questions were asked by the attendees.  It was very helpful to visit M.R. Mold and see several different machines/tools/pumping systems and learn various advantages/disadvantages"
"Field trip was the most enjoyable part of the training.  Good general discussions covering all silicone processing and materials"
"I thought all topics were covered in depth"


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tools for Cupcake Wars coming to NPE

Gimmicks for drawing booth attendees abound at NPE, and M.R. Mold & Engineering’s booth giveaways have, quite literally, become a hot item over the past few years. If you are one of the first 24 people to stop by Booth # 4393 each morning, you can pick up your fresh homemade muffin baked in one of Finnie’s LSR cupcake/muffin pans.
Silicone bakeware has become very popular, and several years back Finnie decided to make a cupcake pan mold complete with fluted edges to showcase his expertise in building LSR molds. “We wanted a unique giveaway to draw people to our booth so we developed the silicone cupcake pans,” Finnie explains. “They were such a big hit the first year, that we even attempted to patent them.”M.R. Mold & Engineering silicone cupcake molds
M.R. Mold & Engineering (Brea, CA) has specialized in design and engineering of LSR molds for over 30 years. The company also has expertise in rubber molds, injection molds, and compression and transfer molds. In addition to M.R.’s mold design and manufacturing capabilities, the company has a 4000-sq-ft Technical Center for LSR mold tryouts in one of four molding machines owned by the company ranging from 55 to 110-tons. M.R. Mold also has a 12x12 compression molding machine and a Blue M oven for post curing of sample parts. M.R. Mold & Engineering provides total solutions including cold runner systems, end-of-arm tooling (EOAT), pneumatic stuffer boxes, vacuum seals and a Universal base. M.R. Mold employs about 25 people.
Needless to say, Finnie and his cupcake pans are a big hit with baking enthusiasts who flock to his booth for additions to their collection. “Trade show after trade show, people come to our booth just to get their annual supply of cupcake/muffin pans,” says Finnie. “Eventually we decided to produce them in two other sizes, one for very large muffins and cupcakes and one for mini-muffins and cupcakes.” The pans also come in a variety of colors as well.
The LSR cupcake/muffin pans are washable and hold up well over repeated bakings, making them very eco-friendly over their paper counterparts. Today, what used to be just a trade show gimmick has turned into a side business for Finnie. “We found a marketing firm and initially had several major kitchen stores selling them to the public,” he says. “We’re producing 150,000 annually, and today sell them in Williams-Sonoma stores because they believe in American made products.”
And if you stop by Maplan’s Booth #7571 you can get your free LSR shot glass, also being molded in a mold designed and built by M.R. Mold & Engineering.

M.R. Mold & Engineering opts for Arburg to expand capabilities

By Clare Goldsberry 
Published: April 11th, 2012
Meeting customers' increasing demands for liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molds is key to the business success of M.R. Mold & Engineering. As a supplier of LSR molds and proprietary auxiliary equipment to global OEMs, M.R. Mold & Engineering's President Rick Finnie, understands the need to be ready for any requirements customers have.
Arburg NPE2012Recently, the Brea, CA-based company purchased an Arburg AllRounder 370S (70-ton) press with a swivel clamp which enables Finnie to provide both vertical and horizontal molding capabilities. "Not having this capability occasionally prevented us from getting the business from some customers," said Finnie in an interview at NPE. "We didn't want anything to stand in the way of increasing our business and being able to meet customers' needs."
Finnie also purchased options on the new AllRounder 370S which will provide M.R. Mold the capability to customize the molding process. For instance, the standard procedure uses a pumping unit that mixes the A and B materials with the pigment.
"The downside to this method is that the whole assembly has pigment in it, which makes it expensive and time consuming to clean it out when you change colors," Finnie explained.  "We are developing a patented method to add pigment directly at the mold entry point, so when colors are changed there's no need to clean out the entire system."
Finnie should know about colors as he molds a wide variety of colors of his cupcake and muffin pans that come in three sizes, which he gave away at NPE.  "We're continuing to perform R&D in the area of mold and pigment technology because we know quite well that consumers want colors!" Finnie emphasized.
Currently, Finnie molds his cupcake pans in a 4-cavity mold and the stores tend to buy his product in groups of four colors.  Finnie hopes his R&D will enable them to inject the pigment at the mold rather than in the mixing block, which will eventually allow him to mold one color per cavity. The purchase of the Arburg AllRounder 370S, along with the additional options, will help M.R. Mold accomplish this.
M.R. Mold & Engineering specializes in design and engineering of LSR molds and has more than 30 years of experience and expertise. The company also has expertise in rubber molds, injection molds, compression and transfer molds. In addition to M.R.'s mold design and manufacturing capabilities, the company has a 4000-sq-ft technical center for LSR mold tryouts.  Including the new Arburg AllRounder 370S, M.R. Mold owns six molding machines ranging from 55 to 110-tons. M.R. Mold & Engineering provides total solutions including cold runner systems, end-of-arm tooling (EOAT), pneumatic stuffer boxes, vacuum seals and a Universal base. M.R. Mold employs 27 people.

UWM Silicone Elastomers Fabrication Class moves to California

July 17-20, 2012
Embassy Suites in Garden Grove.

The class has been expanded to 4 days in CA in order to allow the class hands-on experience within the Tech Center at M.R. Mold in Brea, CA. The cost is $1290 with a $200 discount if registration is done prior to May 30th. UWM will consider further discounts for multiple attendees from the same company.
This class gives a comprehensive overview of silicone elastomers with detailed information in the areas of material selection, dispensing methods, injection molding process, tool design, mold flow analysis, and bonding alternatives.

For more information contact Geri at

Rick Finnie speaks at International SIlicone Conference

May 1 – 2, 2012
Hilton Inn, Akron, Ohio
How to Automate Your Next Silicone Project.
Rick Finnie the owner of M. R. Mold & Engineering Corp. will be making his presentation on product and mold design considerations to automate your next silicone project at the International Silicone Conference on Tuesday, May 1 from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Hilton Inn in Akron, Ohio.
His career started during his teenage years as a tool and cutter grinder servicing the metal working industries. In 1977 he transitioned to the mold making industry. After eight years rising from apprentice to lead mold maker, he started M. R. Mold & Engineering Corporation.
Silicone is a material that can be forgiving in design to mold, but yet demanding to de-mold. According to Finnie, "features that are unacceptable in thermoplastics are feasible with silicone. A method of assuring where the parts will stay is imperative. Product design and the mold design have to encompass these issues to enable automation."
It is occasionally difficult to predict which side of the mold the silicone will stick to. "Automation needs to be designed to remove the part from the mold using techniques that are not typical in thermoplastic. Silicone can be de-molded from features where thermoplastics would be destroyed," said Finnie.
M. R. Mold & Engineering Corporation celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2010.
For more information on this paper and the other papers presented at the Conference CLICK HERE

The early registration full conference fee for Rubber Product Manufacturers is only $350. Registration for all others is $700. Registrations will increase $100 after April 23.
Registration includes:
  • The Keynote Address
  • A complete set of all the papers presented at the conference
  • The opening night networking cocktail reception complimentary continental breakfast and lunch
  • Admittance to the exhibit area to visit the table-top technology providers.
All events will be held at the Hilton Inn. Parking is complimentary.
A special room rate of $129 (plus tax) per night has been reserved for our guests. CLICK HERE FOR ROOM RESERVATIONS

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Customer Testimonials...........

"It has been a pleasure to work with this Company, I always had received help on any matter  I have  had, I want to thanks the quick and great attention Brian, Margaret and all people involved had with us on your response."

"Great customer service from Rick, Mike and Brian on these projects. I appreciated the fact that some concerns about filling the long parts were shared and mold flow analysis was suggested.  I like suppliers who do more than just making it to the print.  Thanks for outstanding support.  With MR Mold, it’s easy to connect/communicate with everyone at all times and getting answers in timely fashion."

"MR mold did exactly what they said they would when they said they would. We look forward to the mold trials at your facility" 

"You folds still do a great job of taking care of all the project needs.  I especially like the way you consider what the mold does for us in our production environment.  Your commitment doesn't end when the mold hits the pallet."

"It has been my experience for many years now that Rick, Jim, Brian & the entire MR Mold TEAM always work well with our Engineers on projects & deliver tooling 100% to spec, and of the very highest quality workmanship & functionality. I’ve particularly enjoyed the benefits realized thru efforts of Rick & Mike Coleman to enable the design to be concurrently engineered with their outside design contractor, Dan Butcher, thru use of online meetings. In those same many years, I have NOT EVER been dissatisfied with either the Tooling delivered, or with MR Mold & Engineering attention to & assistance with any rework requirements or functional details following tool delivery."